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I write about personal experiences, self-improvement and ideas worth lingering on.

Start by understanding the art of serial gift-giving

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What are “love languages”?

The concept of Love Languages was introduced to us by Gary Chapman in the early 90s. Through his book, The Five Love Languages, we understand that each individual values different things that make them feel loved/cared for. Your primary love language is the way you best understand and prefer to receive love from others. Here are the love languages:

  1. Quality Time
  2. Physical Touch
  3. Words of Affirmation
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Gifts

Although my primary receiving love language is acts of service, I show my love most by giving gifts to others.

I understand the gift-giving love language as a form of…

Disclaimer: Feelings are involved

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A wandering mind can take you where a focused mind won’t

Slightly cold, with a heavy heart, and a feeling of grounding and defeat, I felt a pain I hadn’t felt in about four years. It wasn’t as strong as it used to be but it was vivid enough to send me back in time. I sat on the yoga mat listening to Gregory Alan Isakov’s “Amsterdam” on Spotify. I wondered if this is what healing is supposed to feel like: soft, dulling pain that’s building distance with time.


The only way to stop drowning is to swim

As I…

And why it’s not as easy as it sounds

Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about “speaking your truth” recently.
What…is that? So I Googled this phrase and understood this:

‘only speaking out loud what you believe is the truth’

At first, my heart went like ‘oh!’, and then my brain went like ‘oh…’

Which brings me to this post, written under a lot of mental confusion.

Let’s say speaking your truth is essentially just saying what you think is true, which sounds like a heartwarming feeling of freedom and empowerment. But is that how it really feels?

Not for me.

I feel a powerful flood of emotion…

How to respond to the dreadful “Tell me more about yourself”

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A question I’ve been asked multiple times whether I’m in an interview, networking at the end of an event or on a first date with a potential partner. And the first thing that seems to pop up in my mind every single time is ‘I like chicken wings…’ Of course, this shows personality but not every audience is appropriate for whimsy.

Having a set of predefined core values definitely helps in answering this question without feeling ambushed. …

As I’m sat here in my office, reading article after another, hoping to find some solace in words, I realised I am no different than what bothers me about closet extraordinary individuals.

It bothers me when people posses so much talent still never explore the greatness potential it comes with. The satisfaction in being truly who you are through words, art, dance, theatre, or any form of creativity is unmatched by the salary you’re paid for selling your time and effort to a job that does nothing but drain your, in the words of Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland…

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